1891 Tailor Gown Mock-up

1891 Tailor Gown Mock-up

Not in the sexy way.  I’ve been working on my steampunk outfit!  I’m using an original 1890s pattern from Ageless Patterns.  The 1891 Tailor Gown to be exact (here is an awesome version done by someone else).  I’m thinking brown as the base color to go with my hat and cutting the sleeves short and not making the matching skirt… so basically just the jacket with short sleeves.  I think it’ll work.  I’ve been stressing about what fabrics to use, searching the internet madly.  Not mad because I’m crazy but mad because I’m angry that the selections are not good.  I’ve found 2 contenders.  I ordered a sample of one (can’t of the other one, not an option).  I’m pretty excited about this one.  Just a little worried that it’ll be too heavy. I also can’t decide if I want to wear it with pants or one of my skirts that I already own.  It’s so hard to tell how I’m going to feel when I’m just looking at a white muslin mock-up and some drawings I’ve done.  I’ll keep you posted though.

The next obsession is finding shoes.  It’s so hard to tell if things are going to work when you buy them online.  But then, you can’t buy knee high boots at stores this time of year.  I wear a size 9.5, which is always the first size to go so it’s highly unlikely that there will be any on clearance anywhere.  Luckily has free shipping and return shipping.  Which seems crazy to me, how do they make money?  Not that I care too much… since I don’t want to pay shipping.  :)  But then on Endless, it’s like, how do I pick just one pair!  And what color!!  *sigh*  I didn’t ever think I would become a shoe girl but it seems Carlota is rubbing off on me.  :)  If only some of her extroversion would rub off on me too, hehe.

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2 Responses to “Steamy”

  1. Am anxious to know what color you have chosen… ;o) You are so talented in so many different areas! Can’t wait to see this finished…

  2. hey knittingbean!

    I LOVE the steampunk tailors dress pattern!!!!!! I can’t wait to see how it goes.


    ps. Thanks for participating in my giveaway! Great guess. ;)

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